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Lake Mead Boat Owners Association


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The following message was issued 11 November 2002. The content will be updated on a monthly basis.
The Lake Mead Boat Owners Association 26th Annual Parade of Lights will take place on Saturday, 7 December 2002. Parade participants will gather at Lake Mead Marina and depart around 1800, cruising past Boulder Beach to Hemenway Harbor and returning to Lake Mead Marina for the festivities. Parade Chairperson Diane Palmer and her able crew have been working hard to make this another successful event.

The LMBOA web site ( has a couple new features. We now have a Members Only Forum which requires a User I.D. and Password. If you are a first time user log in as a new member. Make up your own I.D. and Password. Be sure to remember these two items, as you will need them to enter the Members Only Forum to post or read messages. This page will be utilized to pass on LMBOA related events which possibly were not in the newsletter due to a time constraint.

There is another Message Board available to the general public. It is on the same page as the Guest Book.

During the past few months various individuals have told me that the National Park Service was responsible for the ban on jet skis. I was even informed by one business owner he overheard that the Nevada Department of Wildlife had called in Greenpeace to start the ban on PWCs. After you finish reading the information in this newsletter there should be no question as to who the responsible party is.

Enclosed inside this issue are news releases and other articles regarding the Bluewater Network. You should be well aware that one primary goal for Bluewater Network, is to ban all personal watercraft from U.S. Waters. It is a powerful organization and they are sincere in their endeavor. If you have any doubts, check out their website. You can find it by looking at the top portion of the navigation bar located on the LMBOA website.

The cruise to Echo Bay was a lot of fun and the weather; well you couldn't beat it with a stick. I would guess there were about ten boats that made the rendezvous and thirty-eight shipmates checked in for dinner. Our next event like this will be around April. We will let you know way in advance so you can plan accordingly.

The next LMBOA meeting is on 17 November 2002 @ 1000. We will meet at Lake Mead Marina to tie up a few loose strings before the Parade of Lights. We still need turn boats, picket boats and helper bees so please show up and offer a helping hand.

Remember to Boat Smart,

Fred W. Anderson