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Lake Mead Boat Owners Association


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Safe Boating Tips


This page will contain information to help you become more aware of boating safety. Some of the information related will be from boaters who had unfortunate experiences and have gained knowledge from them. All boating stories are welcome, good and bad. Narratives can be submitted by utilizing the "Contact Us" page.



Before - Fueling Checklist

* Fuel in daylight, if possible.
* Tie your boat securely to the fuel dock.
* Put out all flames, such as cigarettes, pipes, lamps, galley stoves.
* Shut off engines and any electrical equipment that might create a spark, including blowers and radios.
* Close all windows, ports, doors, hatches.
* Have an operable fire extinguisher close by.
* Have crew and passengers not needed for fueling go ashore.

While - Fueling Checklist

* Take portable tanks out of the boat and fill them on the dock.
* Keep the pump nozzle in constant metal-to-metal contact with the filler pipe to eliminate static electricity.
* Estimate the amount of fuel needed and listen to the sound of the entering fuel. With experience you will be able to tell when the tank is nearly full.

After - Fueling Checklist (Before Starting Your Engines)

* Close fuel filler pipe openings.
* Wipe up any spillage. Leave the wipers ashore.
* Open all closed compartments and turn on the bilge blower.
* Start your engines and leave the dock as soon as you are sure there is no hazard; it is not courteous or safe to linger.

NOTE: Every year boats catch fire due to poor fueling practices at the marinas on Lake Mead.

COVES TO VISIT: In the Boulder Basin- Rotary Cove, Hamblin Bay, several coves in Swallow Bay.
Virgin Basin- coves around Middle Point.
Gregg Basin- Sandy Point is a favorite for many boaters.
Note: Purchase a NOAA Lake Mead Nautical Chart and do some exploring.