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Lake Mead Boat Owners Association


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Lt to Rt, Ladonna Cole, Leslie Anderson, Pres. Wen Baldwin,Larry Mund & Clint Moore

This message issued on 11 January 2004.


Another year and another Parade of Lights is over. It has been a good year and even though the Parade of Lights was blown out, it was very successful. Spectators that were at Boulder Beach were told by the Park Service that due to wind conditions, the parade had been called off. They were also told that they could see all the boats at Lake Mead Marina. I talked to quite a few of them. Some said they were disappointed but understood and most said they were very happy to see the boats up close and get to meet the captains. Bottom line was that it was still a great success thanks to the captains and crews who spent the time, effort and of course the cash to do a fantastic job of decorating their boats.

At this time, I would like to thank everyone who helped put this together: Clint Moore for doing a great job of procuring the necessary insurance, LaDonna Cole and Percy Wilson for handling the entries and the necessary paperwork. Bill Wilson, Caroline Brown and Richard Stevens for doing the inspections and of course to Co-chairs, Diane Palmer and Al Krisch for all their work in putting everything together, lining up the judges, getting out the publicity, etc. A very sincere thank you to Rick Brodeen for assembling the picket boats and the turn boats. Also to Mike Garnich and his crew for volunteering to serve as picket boats. Thanks goes to Richard Stevens and Greg Levine for volunteering as turn boats, along with Tom Cochran for jumping in at the last minute to fill an empty spot. Thank you all for making this another successful Parade of Lights.

With a new year upon us, I need to know what you as members would like. What kind of programs would you like to have? What subjects would you like to pursue? Is there anything you think we as an organization should be looking into such as laws or regulations? Let me know what you want so LMBOA can continue to be the voice of Lake Mead. This is your association!

Please join us and bring your friends to our January meeting on Sunday the 18th. With the closing of the Las Vegas Bay launch ramp, this will be an very interesting meeting. There will be a speaker from the Las Vegas Wash Project Team. He will tell us why there is still so much silt that continues to build up the delta, what the plans are to alleviate it and how those plans are progressing. Bring your questions and Ill see you on the 18th.

Happy New Year

Be aware of lake levels, be safe and enjoy.



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