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Lake Mead Boat Owners Association


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Lake Mead National Recreation Area Launch Ramp Advisory

Lake Conditions at Lake Mead National Recreation Area News Release - Date: July 9, 2003


Lake Mead NRA News Release

July 9, 2003
For Immediate Release
Roxanne Dey, (702) 293-8947

Important Safety Information for Boaters: Launch Ramp Update

The deep water launch lanes at Hemenway Harbor are no longer usable due to lowering lake levels. Boats up to 18-20 feet and personal watercraft can still launch at Hemenway Harbor. Overton Beach and Las Vegas Bay can also accommodate personal watercraft and smaller boats up to about 20 feet.

The Boulder Launch Ramp (next to Lake Mead Marina), Echo Bay, and Callville Bay, have deep water launch lanes available.

Lake Mead

  • Boulder Launch Ramp (next to Lake Mead Marina)
    A launch ramp with four to five lanes (including 2 deep water lanes) is available
  • Overton Beach
    Four launch lanes on the south side of the ramp are available for smaller boats up to 20 feet
  • Callville Bay
    One lane is open on the north side and five are open on the south side. There is a lengthy walk from the parking areas to the launch ramp. Please note there is on-going construction at the Callville launch ramp. At least 1/3 of the lanes will be open at all times and no work will be done on weekends or holidays.
  • Echo Bay
    Four launch lanes on the south and one on the north are open for all size boats. The parking areas are marked. Please do not park on the launch ramp. There is a long steep walk from the parking areas to the launch ramp.
  • Hemenway Harbor
    Four lanes are open for shallow launching. Currently, there are no launch lanes available for deep water launching. The Hemenway Point fishing pier has been relocated into Horsepower Cove south of the Las Vegas Boat Harbor Marina.
  • Las Vegas Bay
    Two to three launch lanes are open for small boats only (up to 20 feet).
  • Temple Bar and South Cove
    The launch ramps are currently under reconstruction. At least 1/3 of the lanes will be open at all times and no work will be done on weekends or holidays. There is typically no waiting line for launching. The concessioner at Temple Bar offers shuttle service for boaters from the ramp to the parking areas.
  • Government Wash and Pearce Ferry launch ramps are closed.
  • Lake Mohave
    Lake Mohave launch ramps are open and available for use. Lake Mohave has not been affected by the lower than normal levels on Lake Mead.

    Background Information on the Launch Ramp Improvement Project at Lake Mead
    A large-scale capital improvement project using park entrance fees began this month at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We are taking advantage of the opportunity that lowering water levels at Lake Mead have provided for the launch ramp reconstruction project, said Superintendent William K. Dickinson. The sections of the launch ramps now exposed were under water for almost 40 years. This caused crumbling and deterioration of the asphalt. Replacement of these launch ramps will significantly improve conditions for boaters using these Lake Mead facilities, added Dickinson. The work at the ramps will include removal of the existing asphalt surface and replacement with a 6-inch v-groove concrete surface. The work is expected to cost about $6.5 million. Almost half of this funding comes from park entrance fees, with the balance coming from the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act, the Nevada Division of Wildlife, and a grant from the Arizona Boater Access Program administered by Arizona Game and Fish Department. The National Park Service will be performing this reconstruction work over the next six months. Superintendent Dickinson stressed, I want to assure visitors to Lake Mead that launch ramps will remain open during construction, with at least one-third of the lanes available for launching at all times. Additionally, no construction work will be done on weekends or holidays.

    Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a unit of the National Park Service.


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    The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may

    People are encouraged not to park along roadways or in no parking zones. With the lowering water levals, new beach access is being exposed. However, there are reports of vehicles becoming stuck in the silt or sand. Exercise caution in these areas and remember that off road vehicle use is prohibited within the recreation area.
    In addition, there are areas of the lake where the water level is extremely low. Boaters should exercise caution in shallow water areas such as the Virgin Basin River Basin.
    There are extremely shallow conditions and shifting sandbars beyond Boundry Point. A signed vessel is anchored at the point at which water levels become hazardous.
    Due to the possibility of flash floods, visitors are also encouraged to avoid camping in wash areas throughout the lake, particulary on the east side of Gregg's Hideout.
    For updated information, telephone (702) 293-8907 or check the low water website at